Maintenance & Repairs

When you move into a property, the landlord is required to provide it in a good, clean condition so you can start living there straight away. The condition of the property is relative to the age and style of the home, plus how much you are paying in rent.

It is unreasonable to expect that your landlord will attend to every minor problem or imperfection in the property, but they are obliged to arrange for any essential repairs.

Property Maintenance

Most maintenance and repairs are non-emergency matters. Please notify us of any non-urgent issues by completing the form below and a St Ives Realty team member will be in contact with you shortly.

Maintenance Request

Emergency Repairs

The following issues are considered to be potentially urgent or emergency repairs:

  • A break-in which has resulted in a smashed window or glass sliding door, the police must be contacted immediately and the police report to be given to our office the following working day.
  • Faults or physical damage to the property rendering it unsafe or not secure (eg broken locks or windows, gas leaks, serious roof leaks, fire damage, flooding).
  • Emergency electrical problems – where injury to you or the property may occur (not Western Power faults).
  • No running water or severe blocked drains (eg burst water pipes, blocked toilet).
  • Failure of essential services for water, gas or electricity. Please note, no hot water is not considered an emergency problem.

For any emergency matters, please contact:

Jeanette Mansey
Property Manager
Office Hours – 1300 20 20 01
After Hours – 0419 475 009