Rental Property Application

Before any rental application can be considered, you must have viewed the home with a Property Manager from our team at St Ives Realty.

You will receive a copy of the Residential Tenancy Application form at the viewing. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions relevant to the property. For example – Is the hot water system gas or electric? Is pool maintenance/lawn mowing included in my rent? How many garage/parking bays are provided?

Then, if you wish to proceed with an application, please read the Application form and accompanying instructions carefully. Click below for the list of information you will need to provide for each applicant (all applicants must be 18 years or older):

If you have rented from another agency in the past, we require the following details:

  • Name of agency and property manager
  • Telephone number
  • Amount of rent paid per week
  • Full address of property rented
  • Period of tenancy
  • Full name of your employer’s business
  • Contact name of your superior/supervisor
  • Length of current employment (and, if less than 12 months, details of previous employer)
  • Self employment details
  • Personal reference must not be personal friends or family members
  • Telephone numbers for contact during the day

In some cases an option or holding fee may be required when you make a rental application. We will notify you if the fee will be charged in your case. The amount varies according to the property’s weekly rental amount, but is usually capped at $50 or $100 as per the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989.If your application is successful, the option fee can either be refunded or credited toward your first rental payment. If your tenancy application is unsuccessful, any option fee paid will be returned by EFT or cash within seven (7) days.

Please bring the following these items to the St Ives Realty office when lodging your application. Clear photocopies of all documentation must be provided.

  • Driver’s Licence or passport (including any relevant visas)
  • Other photo ID or a birth certificate
  • Pay slips or rent receipts
  • Bank statements or utility account (eg electricity)

Please complete this form and lodge as a printed hard copy at the St Ives Realty office with all of your supporting documentation detailed above.

For enquiries regarding your rental application, please contact our Property Management team.